Designing a smart garden for the modern, technological world.

Client: AVA Technologies

The Challenge

Help AVA Technologies design and achieve the world’s first truly smart garden that can monitor the growth of hydroponic plants with the assistance of AI and automated growth recipes.

The Outcome

The industrial design, software, and internal components of the AVA Byte, including its size, shape, colour, and materials, as well as the user experience of the device.


GRAY’s Pitch Tank Winner

Air Canada Sustainability Award

Small Business BC - Best Innovation Award

CES - Trend Forward Winner

Alpha Lab HardwareCup - Silicon Valley Regional Winner


Ava Technologies raises $2.6 million to launch a soilless smart garden


With the continuing trend of new homeowners purchasing smaller, more space conservative condos and apartments, there is a growing concern of not having enough green scenery as living density increases. Millennials are concerned with remaining connected with nature, but lack the garden space to do so because of their living conditions.

What other concerns do millennials have, that would influence their need for more green space? More ways to increase their quality of living?

AVA Technologies approached Altimus with the need to bring their product to life, and re-imagine and re-define the smart garden experience. The Altimus team set out to vastly improve the smart garden offerings currently on the market, to make it truly “smart” and live up to the “smart” in its name.

What is the resulting product? What does it do? What makes it important, and why should people care?


The design of the AVA Byte was well-informed by countless hours of background research in agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, industrial design, and aspects of minimalist design. Insights from these fields and subjects guided the design team as they developed countless physical iterations of each component of the AVA Byte from the freely adjustable arm, to the aesthetics of the chassis, and the software that adjusts to each user’s individual home environments,

Key design elements of the iterative process was the focus on user experience and interaction, pleasing aesthetics, and functionality of all of its components, which makes the AVA Byte the most innovative smart garden on the market.

What did the team want to do in terms of bringing the AVA Byte to the forefront of smart gardens, as the standard for smart gardens?

  • developing a way to raise and lower the arm without clicking, snags, buttons, etc.

  • developing software that is capable of doing everything that a smart garden needs (taking photos, recording data, tracking time, etc.)

  • combining a plethora of sensors that work together to track important data and metrics

  • introducing an easier, smarter way to grow plants, backed by real research and well-thought out designs

  • introducing users to hydroponics, without needing to teach them how to essentially become a gardener (low barrier to entry)

  • allows users to grow food in their own home, assisted by technology

  • more?

Because of the AVA Byte, users can feel fulfilled with their need for green space in their apartments and small living spaces. It introduces new users to a potentially…