Customized Embedded Solutions

Altimus conceives, develops and manufactures customized embedded solutions that leverage innovative product design and promise faster time to market.

Our integrated, adaptive design process allows our team to collaborate with clients and partners in addressing challenges from a variety of perspectives. The result is a highly focused solution for your target market that will delight users and customers on multiple levels.

Should your idea require electronic “smarts”, then Altimus offers several processing engines and development tools to allow faster time to market for both proof of concepts and mass production.

Since 2008, our team has developed products
and innovations for the following markets:

  •   Transportation
  •   Industrial Controls
  •   Diagnostic Equipment
  •   Professional Audio
  •   Multimedia
  •   Digital Signage
  •   Consumer Electronics
  •   Power and Alternative Energy
  •   Cleantech
  •   Food Industry