Accelerated Time to Market

The value of our design services and product development expertise is now complimented by a line of Altimus developed, ARM processor System on Modules (SoM) which can power your products and be customized to suit nearly any target application. The end result is accelerated time to market, high reliability, less schedule risk, and a significantly lower total cost of development.


Advantages of using Altimus ARM Processor System on Modules

Faster time to market

Instead of building your system from the ground up, our family of ARM-based modules can be customized to suit your specific application with different processor, memory, flash and interface options.

less schedule risk

The Altimus i.MX6 SoM provides top-level performance in a cost optimized, small footprint design that is proven and shipping today.

lower overall cost of development

Our System on Modules are high value processing engines that power your smart product and allow your team to reduce development time, risk, and thus cost.

focus on product differentiation       

Altimus SoMs are supported by a team of embedded systems specialists. Base Linux and Android distributions are available for application-specific customization.