Leverage design as a competitive advantage

Great ideas become standout ones when they are part of a complete design strategy.

In addition to the business assets you worked so hard to accumulate: capital, human resources, intellectual property and technology, you can add design. Study after study shows that there is a direct correlation between business performance and investment in design and solid design priniciples. Altimus works with all its clients to discover ways large and small that design can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.

Improve profit through good design

"Good" design maximizes product differentiation and increases brand awareness. It also means that your product clearly communicates its intended benefits, function and context to the user through sound product semantics.

When your product is also able to reach its target market more effectively, increased sales and industry recognition are more likely to follow.

Enhance intellectual property value

The valuation of a startup is always difficult to establish due to the lack of a business track record and historical information like financial statements. Thus, investors and future stakeholders can only measure the perceived value of the core idea or ideas, which are often raw concepts embodied in a proof of concept with specific features and tradeoffs, targeted at a specific area of the market. 

Our collaborative design process helps to identify those ideas with maximum value and assess what technology or form is required to realize a unique innovation. From there, we contribute to the intellectual property portfolio by helping to identify your patent claims and assisting to author or illustrate the concepts. The end result is often more than just the desired product but also intellectual property assets.