Who We Are

Altimus is a Product Design Agency based in Metro Vancouver, Canada.

We work with entrepreneurs to transform ideas into products that launch businesses, or prototypes that secure funding and investment. Our team consists of designers, engineers and business professionals who integrate their skills to create product solutions for nearly any market sector, including automotive, consumer electronics, professional audio, public safety, industrial controls, wireless, and health, fitness and wellness.

We write software, develop electronics, design experiences and devices, with a focus on the user so that our clients succeed at their business goals.


All Under One Roof

Altimus was founded in 2008 as a product development consultancy that was uniquely able to work with startups and established technology companies on both a technical and strategic level. We managed their development and operations teams, developed their electronics and software solutions, and provided them with sourcing and manufacturing guidance to help them reach production faster and with more certainty. Our roots were in engineering and manufacturing and we were contracted by both public and private sector organizations who valued our problem solving attitude for diverse projects.

More than a decade later, we are still the only boutique Product Design Agency in Vancouver with all integrated disciplines under one roof.


How can we help you?

While we remain deeply technical problem solvers, our focus is on ensuring customers receive the total package - a well conceived, superbly designed, carefully crafted and brilliantly engineered product to launch a Seed Round or a viable business.

Founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, please reach out to us.

We welcome a conversation to see how Altimus can help you get where you are going.