How we work


We offer product development expertise across many disciplines, from concept design through manufacturing. 

For the past nine years, Altimus has worked with founders, entrepreneurs and teams at any stage of commercialization. Whether our clients needed a proof of concept with glossy renders, a redesign of a current product, or a full development strategy, we have grown accustomed to tailoring our process to suit the individual needs of each situation.



We begin every client engagement with a detailed consultation about your background (both professional and personal) and a discussion about your product or business idea and goals. This could be several meetings and founders are expected to be prepared to answer 'big picture' questions about their motivations and to be realistic about their own experience. We encourage everyone on our team to question assumptions and to probe for deeper understanding.


how far can we take it?

We have been instrumental in many successful exits, acquisitions and funding rounds. Increasingly, our work becomes part of a clients' intellectual property portfolio, adding value and credibility to the venture that pays off during later rounds of funding or acquisition. We may consider joining your venture under the right circumstances, if we believe that we can contribute that final piece of the puzzle to put your venture 'over the top'.

As exciting and as promising as successful exits can be, we insist that our team and our clients focus on the work and the details, not the potential buyout. Above all else, truly innovative solutions take a dedication to the craft and to the target market and unique selling proposition. Investors and funders that we have worked directly with appreciate that we will help the founders stay on track and focus their efforts where they need to be prioritized.