Altimus works with inventors, startups, creative professionals, and corporations of all sizes who share our desire to innovate and who place a high value on building meaningful relationships and strong, responsible businesses.

Our work spans a variety of fields including healthcare, consumer products, professional audio, sporting equipment, industrial electronics, automotive, digital signage and wireless.

Because we work with a blend of startups and established companies, the breadth of our projects is always expanding into new and exciting areas, such as mobile payments, medical devices, cosmetic accessories and yes, even leading edge designs for coffee connoisseurs.


Concept Through Prototype and Manufacturing

Altimus can start with just an idea or an existing product that needs an upgrade. From concept development through prototypes, testing and release to manufacturing, often our Revision “A” is production-ready. With numerous product launches per year spanning many industries, Altimus is a key partner that works directly with your key stakeholders and investors to achieve your project objectives.

Our integrated, adaptive design process allows our team to collaborate with clients and partners in addressing challenges from a variety of perspectives. The result is a highly focused solution for your target market that will delight users and customers on multiple levels.


Product Design Meets Embedded Systems

Altimus is unique because our team provides highly integrated expertise in industrial design, mechanical design, embedded systems, and product development strategy. We employ an adaptive design process that fosters collaboration and encourages idea generation through iteration, discovery and experimentation.

Should your idea require electronic “smarts”, then Altimus offers several processing engines and development tools to allow faster time to market for both proof of concepts and mass production.


Integrated Interdisciplinary Product Design

The ability to have industrial designers working alongside software and hardware engineers means no time is lost in translation. Altimus is able to seamlessly discuss all aspects of a design internally and optimize conflicting constraints to achieve a better, more integrated solution.


Design Capabilities


Industrial / Mechanical / UX Design

Conceptual Design | Ideation | Sketching

User Interface Design

3D CAD | Photo-realistic renderings

Function first ergonomics and product aesthetics

Mechanical Engineering | FEA Simulations | Materials Selection

Tooling and Assembly Drawings

Embedded Systems

System Architecture | Requirements Specification

Electronics Design | Schematic Capture | PCB Layout

Embedded Software and Firmware | Linux and Android drivers and customization

FPGA Design | VHDL | Verilog

DSP Design and Real-Time Algorithm Development

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Prototypes and New Product Introduction

Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing in-house: 3D Print and Stereolithography (SLA)

Functional Prototypes | Proof of concepts

Cosmetic mock-ups

Manufacturing Strategy

Advising for sourcing and production activities

Vendor Management

Startup Incubation | Business Mentorship | Turnkey Product Launch